Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Material Systems, Fall 2021
Instructors: Nathan King, Zach Seibold (with the support of Harvard Ceramics - Kathy King and Geoff Booras)
Collaborators: Devashree Shah, Dongyun Kim, George Guida, Hye Jun Youn
Paper published in eCAADe 2022
     Additive manufacturing technologies are enabling new forms of custom fabrication of architectural ceramic components. The recent development of industrial robotics presents new opportunities in producing complex geometries with the material affordances of clay. Modulo Continuo is a project that investigates these design and material possibilities through the use of a 5-axis ABB robot and a custom clay extruder. It seeks to test the extent of part customization through the production of performative and modular facades panels. Drawing on evaporative cooling principles derived from literature reviews, combined with the material properties of terracotta, this project presents the development of a 3d printed modular units, computational workflows for custom print-toolpaths, and custom fabrication methods for printing with topological variations. 
project overview