Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Artifacts as Media, Spring 2022
Instructor: Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez

In 1970, John Conway created the Game of Life, a cellular automaton game in which the evolution of a group of cells is determined by a set of rules. These rules dictate that a live cell with two or three live neighbors will continue to live, while a dead cell with three live neighbors will become a live cell. All other live cells will die in the next generation, and all other dead cells will remain dead. 
This exploration examines the Game of Life in both two-dimensional and four-dimensional space. The two-dimensional simulation is displayed on a canvas and features various size and color variables. 
The first four-dimensional graph translation represents each generation as a node, using the "i" and "j" coordinates to indicate the horizontal row and vertical column, respectively. The second four-dimensional graph translation follows the evolution of a group of pixels through each generation in the simulation.
artifacts from the 2D simulation