Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
GSD 6338: Introduction to Computational Design, Fall 2021
Instructor: Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez
Collaborators: Joseph Wu, Kenny Kim

     The self is disrupted by emotional noise, oscillating between high and low spirits. Initiating with a blank state of mind, the self is calm and in its most legible form. The neutral self is illustrated with mesh points closest to the original scan with a single color projected on the surface. As the self becomes more agitated, the vector points fluctuate at a higher frequency with a constant increase in value. The legibility of the self is challenged through the fidelity of the form. The emotional symptoms are further exaggerated with the use of two-colored gradients and tri-color patterning.
distortion of 3D-scanned portrait with noise introduction and color projection
portrait as 'blown' away by external disruptions
colour study on the 'self'
project outtakes
project made solely through rhino-grasshopper C# scripting