Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
GSD 6338: Introduction to Computational Design, Fall 2021
Instructor: Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez
Collaborators: Joseph Wu, Kenny Kim
Imagine flowers sprouting every time you move, walk or dance
This exploration was interested in visualizing and generating forms through the recording of movements. The motion-captured was translated into a series of spheres/ icosahedra and subsequently mirrored, then parsed into the shape of a butterfly. Concurrently, the starting planes were converted into lists of points - where they were projected to the ground and made to offset through the use of the Bezier curve [degree]. Flowers were generated with the use of the Fibonacci sequence, where the [blossom angle] and [number of petals] were used as parameters. Tree branches were produced through the [number of recursions]. 
CSV of motion caption acquired from HTC Vive Input
two sets of planes-in-time generated
initial motion visualization
flowers sprouting from path generated
Fibonacci flower
project made solely through rhino-grasshopper C# scripting